Vantage Lets You Accept Card Payments Cheaply, Easily and Securely With PaymentSense Integration

Vantage is the EPOS system of choice for businesses across the UK owing to its comprehensive feature set, easy set-up and operation and the great 24/7 support that Vecsoft offer to customers.

And another great advantage, is that when you choose to use Vantage, you'll also get full integration with PaymentSense which keeps things as simple and cost effective as possible.

PaymentSense is a card payment solution that allows you to accept purchases by debit or credit card. This is a necessity for any business serving the general public and is something that is expected by your clientele in this day and age. If you don't accept card payments, then you'll not only be forced to turn customers away at the door (who carries cash anymore?) but you'll also leave them with the impression that you're still operating in the Stone Age. Not good…

So what makes PaymentSense such a good choice?

Why PaymentSense Are a Sensible Choice

PaymentSense has been in the industry for years and has a great reputation as a reliable and straightforward company. This is always important when choosing any service that will be handling transactions and sensitive customer data and they are also fully PCI-DSS compliant (meaning their security is certified). With PaymentSense you're going with a tried-and-tested name that you know you can rely on. As a customer you're almost sure to have handled a PaymentSense card machine on countless occasions and this familiarity is reassuring for those on both sides of the transactions. They also have UK based customer support staff available 24/7; like us they believe in the importance of customer service.


What makes PaymentSense most compelling for businesses though, is that they offer the lowest rates in the industry and are up to 40% cheaper than some of the competition. When you consider that you'll be paying a commission for every purchase made with a debit card, it is incredibly important to choose the company that takes the lowest cut. This also means you don't have to insult your customers by charging them to make card payments under a certain amount.

One alternative to using PaymentSense is to work with a bank to start accepting debit and credit cards. This can be a big hassle though, as you'll have to go through a lengthy sign-up process, wait ages for your terminal to arrive (often weeks) and then pay more for the privilege. More to the point, banks are entitled to increase their costs at any time which leaves you in a very difficult situation – in fact PaymentSense is the only provider that promises never to raise prices mid-contract. With PaymentSense there are no surprises and you get to keep overheads down and profits up. Oh and you get your terminal within three days!

Features and EPOS Integration

Being a major player in the industry, PaymentSense offers all the features you could possibly need from a card machine solution. For starters, you will be able to accept contactless payments which is something else that customers are coming to expect these days. They also do wireless terminals which are ideal for restaurants and bars.

Of course PaymentSense accept all standard card types so you can avoid embarrassing situations where cards get rejected. Payments are processed in seconds either over a phone line or broadband and receipts print quickly too. They also provide support for ecommerce and let you take card payments over the phone.

Best of all, PaymentSense and Vantage work seamlessly together meaning that set up couldn't be easier and you can have all of your sales data logged instantly on the system.

To make life easier for you, Vecsoft can handle all the set-up on your behalf. Whether you're just getting started with a card terminal and EPOS system or you want to switch providers, we'll take care of everything and you'll be accepting card payments in no time at all!


To find out more about the benefits of choosing Vantage as your EPOS system, click here.

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