Version Released!

We’ve added a list of features that have been integrated into Vantage, both in customer usability and under the hood. Enjoy.



Integrated with Stripe for taking card payments on the customer website.


Added a 'mains away' button to the table plan screen on the till. Selecting it sends a message to the kitchen telling them to send out the main course. Has been a common request from restaurants.

Added support for selling vouchers as part of orders on the till (both food and retail).

Option to print and export search results from the Voucher Manager tool.

Added a 'Remote Support' option to the help menu which launches in the default browser.


Changed how the 'send mains course' button works on the till table plan; there's now a separate 'service printer' setting.

Added tool for doing a stock count directly on the retail till (touch-style interface, and using a barcode scanner)

Vantage now supports Stripe for card payments!

In our ongoing drive for customer satisfaction, we’re adding new features to Vantage at a great pace. Adding to our growing list of supported payment providers, we have integrated Stripe into Vantage, so that you won’t need to bother with the headaches of choosing a payment gateway and a merchant processor.

We understand that a lot of sales and clients come directly to your website so we want to give them a great experience without you having to worry about payment processing issues.Traditional card payment providers often charge a monthly fee in addition to a percentage of your transactions, and your bank may charge you too. All these costs can significantly impact your profit margin. 

Stripe takes a simpler approach: for businesses taking less than $1 million they charge a flat rate of 2.9% + 30¢ per successful sale, with no monthly fee. Stripe also safely and securely handles your customer's card data by only communicating directly with Stripe's servers, freeing you from security and PCI compliance concerns.

Another excellent advantage of Stripe is its data portability. Imagine you've built a successful membership site over the years, and you powered it with PayPal subscriptions. If you want to move to another payment processor (like Stripe), you can't transfer that credit card data. PayPal simply won't give it you. All your existing customers would have to sign up again and you'd probably lose some of them during the process.

Remember, unlike other EPOS providers, when you use Vantage to receive internet orders from your customers we take 0% comission and we don't hold your money - all of your sales go directly to you!

Vantage version 2.4.4 released!

A new version of Vantage has been released, and these are improvements you can find "on screen" and "under the hood":
  • Improved the UI for the 'Adjustment Presets Editor' tool.
  • Added an option to the food till to show product short codes on all items on the menu screen, and in the order pad.
  • We've added support for the tablets running Vantage to connect automatically to the till, without the use of internet
  • Added option to the stock levels report so that you can exclude all items with quantity <= 0.
  • Added a setting for the customer website which, if enabled, requires customers to sign up for an account before they can order online.

Version 2.4.0 released!

Vantage is moving forward, leaps and bounds. We've put together a shortlist of the most important things that have changed with this new release:

  • We've introduced a new version of the protocol that Vantage uses to communicate with the server. It's faster and uses less data, and also allows for a lot of future extensions.
  • Changed the 'Stock->Level Changes' report so that it can show all changes during a period
  • Created the 'Stock Association Wizard. Makes it much quicker to associate stock with food items.
  • Added URL canonicalization support to customer websites


Keep your clients informed! SMS notifications from you Vantage Dashboard

 In this ever-evolving world, pro-active services always rise above the competition. Our intergrated SMS feature allows you to connect to your customer database and mass send notifications right to your clients’ phones.

You can acquire text messages in batch, with a higher number meaning higher discounts, right from your Dashboard.


First of all, click on “Add Widget” and Select the “SMS Credits”. From that moment on, you’ll have the option to fine tune your sales-strategy right from your Vantage Dashboard. Then, if you want to select a large batch of phone numbers, just add a file containing all numbers you want to send the message to. Our Text Message wizard will take care of the rest.

Vantage Lets You Accept Card Payments Cheaply, Easily and Securely With PaymentSense Integration

Vantage is the EPOS system of choice for businesses across the UK owing to its comprehensive feature set, easy set-up and operation and the great 24/7 support that Vecsoft offer to customers.

And another great advantage, is that when you choose to use Vantage, you'll also get full integration with PaymentSense which keeps things as simple and cost effective as possible.

PaymentSense is a card payment solution that allows you to accept purchases by debit or credit card. This is a necessity for any business serving the general public and is something that is expected by your clientele in this day and age. If you don't accept card payments, then you'll not only be forced to turn customers away at the door (who carries cash anymore?) but you'll also leave them with the impression that you're still operating in the Stone Age. Not good…

So what makes PaymentSense such a good choice?

Why PaymentSense Are a Sensible Choice

PaymentSense has been in the industry for years and has a great reputation as a reliable and straightforward company. This is always important when choosing any service that will be handling transactions and sensitive customer data and they are also fully PCI-DSS compliant (meaning their security is certified). With PaymentSense you're going with a tried-and-tested name that you know you can rely on. As a customer you're almost sure to have handled a PaymentSense card machine on countless occasions and this familiarity is reassuring for those on both sides of the transactions. They also have UK based customer support staff available 24/7; like us they believe in the importance of customer service.


What makes PaymentSense most compelling for businesses though, is that they offer the lowest rates in the industry and are up to 40% cheaper than some of the competition. When you consider that you'll be paying a commission for every purchase made with a debit card, it is incredibly important to choose the company that takes the lowest cut. This also means you don't have to insult your customers by charging them to make card payments under a certain amount.

One alternative to using PaymentSense is to work with a bank to start accepting debit and credit cards. This can be a big hassle though, as you'll have to go through a lengthy sign-up process, wait ages for your terminal to arrive (often weeks) and then pay more for the privilege. More to the point, banks are entitled to increase their costs at any time which leaves you in a very difficult situation – in fact PaymentSense is the only provider that promises never to raise prices mid-contract. With PaymentSense there are no surprises and you get to keep overheads down and profits up. Oh and you get your terminal within three days!

Features and EPOS Integration

Being a major player in the industry, PaymentSense offers all the features you could possibly need from a card machine solution. For starters, you will be able to accept contactless payments which is something else that customers are coming to expect these days. They also do wireless terminals which are ideal for restaurants and bars.

Of course PaymentSense accept all standard card types so you can avoid embarrassing situations where cards get rejected. Payments are processed in seconds either over a phone line or broadband and receipts print quickly too. They also provide support for ecommerce and let you take card payments over the phone.

Best of all, PaymentSense and Vantage work seamlessly together meaning that set up couldn't be easier and you can have all of your sales data logged instantly on the system.

To make life easier for you, Vecsoft can handle all the set-up on your behalf. Whether you're just getting started with a card terminal and EPOS system or you want to switch providers, we'll take care of everything and you'll be accepting card payments in no time at all!


To find out more about the benefits of choosing Vantage as your EPOS system, click here.

Understanding and delivering for the Mobile Universe

Here at Vecsoft, we’re constantly trying to be ahead of the curve regarding all digital trends. A huge chunk of our customer base demanded that their clients have an easy time ordering from their smartphones, maximizing profits and strengthening engagement.


We offer all our customers optional Android and Apple iOS apps for their clients in their Vantage package, for a seamless integration with the platform. With our mobile apps, users can check their order in real-time, receive notifications and even SMS feedback if needed. Apps can be customized in detail, according to our customers' needs and wants so the user will be kept engaged by your products and services.

The mobile app can be included in the Vantage-powered business website package as well, giving you a complete solution for all your EPOS needs. 

Vantage continues to be a leading EPOS system across the UK with a plethora of features, easy set-up and excellent 24/7 support.

What is Vantage? A Powerful EPOS System from Vecsoft

Vantage is a powerful piece of business software from Vecsoft that can help you to streamline and grow your company. Specifically Vantage is an EPOS, which stands for 'Electronic Point of Sale'. This is a fancy way of saying 'till system' – though Vantage goes much further than that in terms of what it can do. If you're just starting out then you will need a till system like Vantage, but if you already have an EPOS, you might just find that some of the powerful features we offer make it worth switching.

Read on to discover why the right EPOS system is so crucial and what sets Vantage apart as the premier option.

What is an EPOS Used For?

Your EPOS is basically the interface that you will use in order to process sales which makes it central to your business. At its most basic then you will run this right at your point of sale with your cash tills in order to put orders through as your customers come in. This will then update your stock and turnover and help you to keep track of how much you're selling, your balance and more.

A good EPOS till system should be easy to use and allow you and your staff to serve customers quickly and effectively allowing them to get on with their day and you to start dealing with the next person in the queue. It should also be integrated with a good payment system like Payment Sense so that you can take card payments/use card machines (of course Vantage has Payment Sense integration).

But because an EPOS system is digital, that also gives it many more functions beyond manning your tills. For instance, it should be able to integrate with your website so that your customers can order online – or even on the move through a custom smartphone app. That means more convenience for your customers and more sales for you - and it's all automated! Vantage is live and cloud-based which means orders placed anywhere in the world will be updated throughout the entire system.

Other features of an EPOS can include intuitive data visualisation (so that you can see your performance at a glance), delivery tracking, contact management and more. Ultimately, these features give you access to more data while streamlining your ability to make sales from anywhere. The end result is a better workflow, increased profits and new opportunities for you to scale your business model.

Why Vantage for Your EPOS System?

All these features can make a big difference to your business which is why your till system is such an important investment. Don't compromise – choose a product that can offer you all the features you need and the best ROI.

If you're looking for a truly top-tier EPOS system for your company then Vantage is a cost-effective, reliable and powerful option that will put you ahead of the competition. Here are some of the things that set Vantage apart from the crowd:

  • Unbeatable customer support – We offer round-the-clock support to make sure that all our clients are completely satisfied with their system. In many cases, our customer care even extends to developing features specifically for individual clients. This is what really sets us apart.
  • Easy installation - Vecsoft handle the set-up and installation of your hardware and software and will even input your stock for you! All you literally need to do is give us a call to get started and we'll take care of the rest.
  • Tailored service – We are constantly listening to the businesses who use our till systems and adding features in response to their requests. Vantage is a highly flexible system that can be tailored to meet the precise needs of your organisation. We work with a lot of hotels, restaurants and bars but our system is also suitable for retail, logistics and many other scenarios.
  • Intuitive interface – A lot of till systems have a clunky and dated interface but Vantage is modern and simple to use. We have listened to our customers and designed a touch-friendly navigation that's easy to grasp and quick to operate. At any time you will have immediate access to just the information you need to ensure everything flows smoothly.
  • Feature rich – Vantage has all of the features you could possibly want from an EPOS system including: contact management, tight stock integration with the option of automatic ordering, delivery tracking and much more. This is what makes it suitable for a wide range of industries. As mentioned though, if there's another feature you want to see we'll probably be able to add it for you. Just give us a call!


Who Are Vecsoft?

Vecsoft is a small business based in Poole/Bournemouth that focusses entirely on top-of-the-range till systems. If you're looking for an EPOS in the Bournemouth area then, we would love to work with you and can help you get set up right away. At the same time though we also offer our EPOS till systems throughout the UK and are more than happy to travel, so wherever you're located you can take full advantage of the many benefits Vantage offers.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a free demo, just give us a call on 01202 835 553. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Should You Rent or Buy Your EPOS System? How to Make the Right Choice for Your Business

Once you have made the decision on the best EPOS solution for your business, the next question is whether you should rent or buy. The right EPOS system will help you to greatly increase turnover, thus growing your profits andhelping you to keep customers happy. To really get the best return on investment though, making the right decision on whether to rent or buy is just as critical.

Of course this is a complex question with many factors. There is no single right or wrong answer but rather it will depend on the specifics of your business; including your budget, goals and business model. Let's take a look then at some of the unique pros and cons for renting versus buying to help you come to an informed decision.


The Benefits of Renting

No Up-Front Investment

One of the most common reasons that businesses opt to rent their EPOS systems rather than buy, is that there is no costly up-front investment. This is particularly useful for small businesses that don't yet have a lot of capital and want to reduce the time it takes to break even. Furthermore, this helps your cash flow meaning you have more flexibility in spending and increased resilience when you need it most. If you're pulling yourself up by your boot-strings, renting an EPOS system will help you to get up and running with the minimal initial expense.


If you buy your EPOS system then you will be stuck with that system until you can afford to upgrade. This can be problematic if you find you've made the wrong choice, or if you want to change your business model. Renting meanwhile allows you to switch your EPOS system as your business evolves without losing any of your investment.

On-Going Support and Maintenance

As with renting a property, renting an EPOS system means you don't need to worry about maintenance or repairs. You don't own the system and so it is not your responsibility to repair it when something goes wrong. The net result is that you spend less time and money dealing with issues and more time reaping the benefits of an effective system. Of course you'll have a warranty when you buy but this won't cover everything that could go wrong so you still risk ending up with an expensive paper weight.

What's more, renting ensures you have access to customer support at all times. When you rent an EPOS it is in that company's best interest to keep you happy and so they will likely bend over backwards to help you with all of your questions. When you rent you aren't just getting the system itself - customer support is normally included as an important part of the package.

Free Upgrades

As with maintenance, if you rent your EPOS system then you will gain access to free upgrades which might be costly otherwise. This ensures you stay up-to-date with the latest hardware and software and always have the most efficient solution available.

Advantages of Buying Your EPOS System

Reduced Overheads

For larger companies that can afford to make a one-off payment, buying an EPOS system is ultimately the less expensive option as it only involves a single expense rather than a recurring payment ad-infinitum. For large companies with available finances, renting may well prove to be a false economy. Of course this depends on how cheaply you can find your EPOS rental service, as some might still prove to be the more economically sound option once you account for set-up, maintenance and repairs.


When you rent an EPOS you will no doubt have to sign an agreement and follow certain restrictions regarding your usage. While these are unlikely to be problematic for the vast majority of businesses, there may be some unique usage scenarios where you require more flexibility and in those situations you may need to buy.

Working Capital

If you purchase your EPOS systems they will count as assets towards your company's working assets. Ultimately, this will increase the value of your business and gives you more assets to sell off in future.

Conclusion – Should You Rent or Buy?

So with all that in mind, which strategy is best for your organization?

While there are many advantages to both renting and buying, the decision will most likely come down to the size of your business as well as the nature of your industry. For large established corporations, either option is viable. Buying might ultimately offer savings in the long run but will also present more challenges and require a great investment in time.


Renting however will offer the best short-term savings and the superior support and maintenance in the long term. This makes it an appealing choice for businesses of all sizes but especially for local and small businesses that need flexibility and support and who don't want to break the bank to start serving their customers. For smaller companies, renting ultimately offers the best return on investment and minimum risk.

Vecsoft Support Small Business Saturday - Local Businesses Get Their First Month Free Until 15th December

If you own a restaurant, hotel or bar in the Bournemouth area and are in the market for a new till system, there's never been a better time to sign up for Vantage.

Vecsoft are proud to support Small Business Saturday and are offering all local businesses with a BH postcode their first month with the Vantage EPOS system for free. This offer is available until the 15th December, so get in touch before then to benefit. Just call any time on 01202 835553 and we'll gladly answer all your questions and go over the details.

Why Vantage?

As our existing customers know, Vantage is a powerful and elegant EPOS system with an intuitive interface that makes it that much easier to process sales and streamline your business. Vantage has a huge number of features including delivery tracking, detailed reports and website integration and is suitable for a wide range of applications and businesses. What many of our clients appreciate most of all though is our dedicated customer support and continuous updates tailored to meet their needs. We'll help you get set up and are constantly on hand to help should you need it.

Vecsoft are based in Bournemouth and look forward to meeting and working with other companies in the area. Click here to find out more about what makes Vantage such a great option for small businesses.

What is Small Business Saturday?

'Small Business Saturday UK' is a 'grassroots, non-political and non-commercial campaign' supporting small, local business. It aims to do this by encouraging consumers to support local companies and highlighting the important role that they have in the community.

In the spirit of the promotion, Vecsoft are supporting local businesses in the BH postcode area by offering the first month with Vantage free; so you can start serving customers more efficiently right away at no cost for the first 30 days.

The SBS promotion itself took place on the 6th of December but we are extending our offer to the 15th of December, so there's still time to get involved.

Get in touch on 01202 835553 if you'd like to find out more about Vecsoft, Small Business Saturday or Vantage. We love working with local businesses and look forward to hearing from you!


Not a local business? Unfortunately you might not meet the requirements for this particular promotion but it would still be great to hear from you. We serve clients far and wide so don't hesitate to give us a call!